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MSN has an interesting little interview with Kristen Stewart. Go check it out. Seriously. It’s a real gem of an interview.

Now, I like to think of myself as one of the more rational fans, especially in terms of bombarding the actors. I can totally see how they might freak out. However, having said that, there’s a difference between being easily overwhelmed/surprised and telling a reporter that you think your fans are ‘retarded’.

I don’t really care what Kristen Stewart thinks of me, whatever. But considering how well she was embraced by fans when she was cast, I have to admit she really crossed the line there. Even if MAYBE what she was saying was taking out of context, using the word ‘retarded’ in relation to Twi-fanatics whom have so openly embraced you is ONLY going to result in mobbings with pitchforks.

What did you expect? When someones favourite book is being turned into a movie, they get excited. It’s just how it is. No matter whether it’s a multi-million copy best seller like Harry Potter or Twilight, or it’s some little book like Hunting & Gathering (which is a fantastic read, just FYI). People celebrate.

I understand she didn’t realise the hype and I also understand that she may not be the kind of out going celebrity that people want her to be – fair enough. But Kristen Stewart, whilst I may not care what you say (although I was rather shocked), man you’ve really pissed off alot of people. Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds.

Man I’m curious to see what happens next… These so called ‘retarded’ fans are not to be underestimated.


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Haven’t done this in a while, but here it is:


Brilliance in a 100×100 pixel square.

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Ok, my internets been down, hence the lack of updates. I’ll be doing some proper blogging tomorow.

In the meantime, let us play a game. I like to call this game:


Yeah, that’s right, thanks to a lovely lovely gossip magazine, I can now link myself to anyone and everyone involved in Twilight. The cast AND Stephenie Meyer.

This. Blows. My. Mind.

Ok, you can read the relevant story at NineMSN.

Now don’t tell me that this is just gossip! Shush! I know it might just be gossip! But can I PLEASE just pretend it’s real? Just for a moment?

Let’s continue:

I’m friends with some people who went to school with/were in a theatre production with the boy in the above article. (Infact, his school is literally two blocks from my house.)

Now, he’s allegedly dating Emma Watson, aka Hermione.

She starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Robert Pattinson.

What’s that? 4 Degrees? Man, that’s just insane in the membrane. I cannot believe how bloody close that is. It also makes me THAT much closer to working out my 6 degrees between me and Kevin Bacon. (Because apparently everyone is 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon, now I just have to find a link between Watson and Bacon! And that’s a big deal.)

Right, so I could go on from there, with the degrees game, to Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling and Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman and Emma Thompson and… that’s about it for celebrities from HP & Twilight that I actually would not mind running into… (and then of course, we could just keep going, listing off everyone who’s ever been in a movie or whatever with ANYONE from Harry Potter or Twilight and then it just gets complicated!)

So for now, all I care about, is that I am 4 degrees – FOUR! – from Robert Pattinson and JK Rowling and FIVE!!! from Stephenie Meyer.

And, thank you to Katie for working out how I was initially linked to the boy in the above article. (Because Jo and I spent AGES this morning looking for a common friend.)

Man I’m psyched!

Actual real and proper Twilight news tomorow! (When my internet officially kicks back in!)

love and vampire bites!

p.s. do you think if I held that boy hostage, I could pursuade Emma to pay ransom in the form of Robert? lol. this is what happens when you have had too much sugar and a brand new Twilight poster for your bedroom wall!

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Loyal reader…s,

I have some exciting news!

I was a very slack bookseller the other day and went onto the major Australian book suppliers website to check out the release dates for all the exciting new Twilight books coming out! (That yes, I will be preordering. :P)

First of all, there will be two released on November 1st 2008:

Twilight Collectors Edition, AUS$50

Twilight Box Set, AUS$120

Then, on November 13th 2008:

Twilight Film Tie-In, $24.99

And finally, at the very end of the year, on December 30th:

Twilight Saga: Official Guide, AUS$29.99

Unfortunately, with that last one, suppliers tend to shut down over Christmas/New Years and I really don’t think that we’ll get the Official Guide until around the 5th of January – UNLESS they embargo it (ie: deliver it early, with information NOT to open the boxes until the specified date).

But don’t get your hopes up, loyal reader…s, they didn’t even embargo Breaking Dawn, that’s why it wasn’t available at most bookstores until midday. But maybe they’ve now realised just how popular our little books are, and we’ll get them on time!

Now for some sad news:

The Movie Companion isn’t listing on any Australian suppliers at all.
They’re going to have to be shipped in from the United States. The USA supplier at my bookstore is listing it, and it will cost (after postage and exchange rates) about AUS$45.
Ordering it from Amazon won’t be much better – it’s about AUS$44.85, including postage.

Stephenie Meyer’s Australian distributor didn’t make a huge fuss over Breaking Dawn, and I doubt they will over these upcoming releases, so don’t expect any official annoucements – besides this one of course!

I also recommend you guys all put in special orders, because I highly doubt the smaller bookstores around Australia will be ordering more than one or two copies of each of the above. They really don’t have high expectations. (And yes, this is reliable, not only do I work at a (small) bookstore, but I have friends at the three major book chains across Australia: Angus, Dymocks, Borders.)

Any information I hear at work, I will immediately inform you of.

Toodles for now, my readers!

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Did anyone else see Ms Meyer on Ellen? It took me forever to work out which one I had to record because we get them a day later or whatever. (But we’re a day ahead? I don’t know, it makes little to no sense to me!) But I watched it.

Ok, I love Ellen, she’s pretty hilarious. But geez man, I already KNOW all that information about SM! Every fan does! I wanted more, more man! I was highly disappointed. And we didn’t even get a movie clip, just a mention: “So one is turning into a movie, right?” Yeah, we know that too. Show us a clip!

Stephenie surely MUST be bored with the same repetititve questions, she should demand more creativity from her interviewers!

Of course, I was super glad Ellen had her on the show anyways, and super jealous that the audience all got nice glossy hardback versions of the saga. My copies are all paperbacks, because the hardbacks aren’t available in Australia – not even Breaking Dawn. (When I opened the Breaking Dawn boxes at work, I found paperbacks. Sad face. PS Yes I work in a bookstore.)

I also loved Ellen’s superb vampire jokes. They were so cheesy and classy and I wish I could remember all of them. I might have to re-watch the show, write them down and share them with you guys here. I love bad jokes like a vampire loves blood. Yeah man.

Anyways, Ellen, please have SM back on the show, so you can ask her more probing questions and discuss the books in detail and maybe show some new exclusive movie clips. I can’t get enough of those movie clips. I swear I’ve seen the whole movie minus the meadow scene now.

Also, SM, you were super cool on the show. Just FYI. Even though you’re probably bored of those questions, I know.

p.s. For those who missed it, His Golden Eyes, aka my favourite Twi-site and my homepage, have a low-quality clip you can watch. As I said, it’s stuff you probably already know. But why not watch it anyways?

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About bloody time I organised myself an outlet for my Twi-obsession.

Welcome to my second blog! (My first is Georgia On A Fast Train)

To begin, I’ll link to back to all my Twi-related posts at my other blog. They were not welcomed well by my friends who are anti-Twi. 😛 They often tell me I need to shushy.

So here we go!

Firstly, my review of Breaking Dawn: Yeah, I Broke Dawn

What happened to Edward? Second paragraph: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

Sex and Twilight: When A Mummy and a Daddy Love Eachother Very Much… They call the Stork!

Midnight Sun Leak: Where’s Alice when you need her?

Excuse me Russel Brand?: LIKE a Virgin, Jonas Brothers! Not actually a virgin! Pretending!

VMAs Fashion Report: I like to wear pretty dresses too!

Happy Birthday Bella: I Almost Forgot!

That’s all for now! Twi-updates later!

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