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I have some absolutely hilarious Twi-news for you all today!

1. Robert Pattinson “dead”. Seems like celebrity death hoaxes are all the rage at the moment. Pick someone who isn’t going to appear a mere few hours later live on television, idiots. That way you might actually fool someone.

2. Fifty Things You Didn’t Know About Twilight. By Cleo Magazine. More like ‘Fifty Fun Facts about Robert Pattinson’. Oh and they also attack Kristen Stewart for not having read the book before she was offered the audition. Well whopdeedoo Basil, nor did most of the rest of the cast!

3. Dimlight! Quite possibly the best parody I’ve seen yet. Well, after the SmokeyFizz one about cookies. But Dimlight is still epic! WATCH IT! I lolled big time.

4. I’m not going to link to them, because you can find them everywhere (and because I find them a bit scary and wish to avoid them myself), but more lols thanks to the hundreds of girls who announced that they would marry Robert Pattinson/who proposed to Robert Pattinson/who said Robert Pattinson was the reason for their existence on camera. You make me lol. Not only is it kind’ve illegal for him to marry you – considering 90% of you are underage – but celebrities don’t date the creepy fans. Also, the media like making fun of you.

5. Six Excuses for Grown Ups to justify seeing Twilight. Excuse me whilst I lol. LOL! Ok, now that that’s done, let me lol again. LOL!
Yes, because all the cinema staff are judging you. Just like the bookstore staff did. So suck it up and go see the movie if you want. No one cares that much.

And that’s a wrap for the most hilarious Twi-news of the week.

Let me know if you find anything else that twi-larious!

Over & Out!


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Ok, because I don’t really feel the need to update on all the various happenings in Twi-news, because there are other sites which are far better at it, I will pick out my best and faves and post them here as I find them.

First of all, Robert Pattinson will appear on Ellen Degeneres on 21st Nov in America. (isn’t that the date of the movie premiere there?) For all of us Australians stuck here, Ellen airs on Arena (Foxtel) every morning, and we get the show the day after. Because the 21st Nov is a Friday, we will get on Monday the 24th. If my calculations are correct, it will air at 11am EST, which is 9am in WA. Don’t forget to record it!

Secondly, I love Variety’s interview with Robert Pattinson.
It’s 15 mins long, which is lengthy, but it’s totally worth it. Honestly, you can’t not love the boy more after watching it. You will have to turn your speakers up, and I warn you: the interviewer is a bit annoying, but his answers are unscripted and indepth and you get answers to questions that are actually good. (I’m sick of hearing the same old questions with the same old answers over and over, so this was refreshing.)
I especially loved his discussion of the Twilight books. I’ve always felt he’s kind of avoided answering questions about his opinions of them and especially his love of New Moon, when Edward isn’t even present for a huge chunk of it. But this interview swept away all my little doubts about why he likes NM best.
Best of all, I love it when he says something along the lines of: “I don’t think it’s a particularly girly film – wait, is it girly? I haven’t seen it!”
If you don’t watch it, you suck. Blood.

The LA Times (blah American newspaper) has had their 30 day countdown to Twilight going for a while. The link there just takes you to all of them on one page. They have some fun facts, some fun captioning competitions (although the caption-Bella winners weren’t very funny…) and fan questions. I love fan questions.

Collider has some Spoiler-Filled Fun. I don’t know what Collider is, but the middle two videos (which are slow to load – and can only be loaded one at a time) are totally worth watching. The top one is the Comic Con interviews we’ve seen before and the last one is just the actors running up onto the stage at Comic Con. Of course, I have warned you: the middle two ARE jam packed with spoilers. I couldn’t resist. Totally worth it.

And finally, Collider (again) has a supermassive, never ending interview with Catherine Hardwicke. It’s difficult to read because her anwers are in bold and there’s alot of interruptions by ads and such, but it’s spoiler free and good for a Twi-fix. I love that she considered all the fan suggestions for cast members (even though I didn’t really like any of the fan suggestions I saw back in the pre-movie days), I thought that was really sweet. She cares about us. Also, the dvd extras she’s talking about are giving me serious Twi-cravings.

That’s Georgia’s Top Picks in the world of Twi-news for now! Check back later, when I promise there will be some funtime rambles and rants about my two favourite Breaking Dawn vampires: Vladimir and Stefan!

p.s. I couldn’t sleep on Sat night, despite behind exhausted. And knowing I couldn’t actually absorb any new information from the book I’m currently reading (A Fraction of the Whole – Steve Toltz, it’s amazing, read it. Main characters name is Jasper.), I picked up Twilight and flicked through to Chapter 13 – only to find somehow the pages of my book were scattered with glitter! Coincidence? I think not!

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I’ve watched the trailers a hundred times each, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every tiny little piece of sneaky fan footage and all the various interviews floating around. And I’ve studied every single ‘official picture’ and ‘sneaky fan picture’ in detail.

And now we have trailer NUMBER THREE! Yay!

I attached the countdown to my facebook, and I raced home from work to watch those final eight minutes, only to have my little heart broken when they played the second trailer. Of course, the countdown was only until the morning of (in America), not the actual release time.
But it was there for me, ready when I woke up, and I watched it over and over until I had to leave for work. (Yes, I’ve been working way too many shifts and neglecting university – but it’s been fun.)

So now, I give to you: all my many reactions to this final little installment of funtimes before we actually get to go to the cinemas! (Which is December 11 here down under.)

My first reaction was irritation, I’d seen Tyler’s car swerve and roll out of control towards Bella, 100 times before. I’d seen Edward jump in and do his intense little glary thing. Excuse me people, I wanted more!
…And then Eddie got up and jumped over the truck and away from the car wreck scene. I’d seen this through video footage from some sneaky fans previously, but it was much nicer to see it in high quality.

I was also disappointed by the repeat of the “You’re impossibly fast, and strong.” spiel by Bella, I’d already seen than a hundred times. Yes, we know you’re afraid, come on, show me something new!

But let me get onto some of my best and favourite and most-able-to-nitpick-over scenes from the new trailer!

(Please note that this is an official still and not from the trailer.)

This was our first glimpse of such a crucial scene! Something new! Something exciting! Something… wait, that’s not a booth and they sure aren’t sitting in an Italian restaurant…

Yes, I like to nitpick. It’s what I do. I nitpicked my whole way through Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone movie – despite the fact that I was only a tweenie at the time. However, I have not since nitpicked ONCE about another Harry Potter movie – except in extreme circumstances. And I promise you, whilst I’ll nitpick about Twilight, I won’t do the same for the next three movies UNLESS they start trying to cut out/merge the werewolves because there’s “just too many”. (Ok, maybe they can cut out Collin and Brady – but no one else! I draw the line there!)

Where’s the privacy when you’re sitting in the middle of a restaurant, man? Ok, so nobody puts Baby in the corner, but goddamnit, you should’ve put Bella and Edward there!

Having said that, the actual dialogue spinnets we hear are fabulous! I am mucho excitedo!

Then, whilst we listen to Bella ramble off her theories about Edward, we see him climbing a tree. Why is Edward climbing a tree? Excuse me, am I the ONLY one who has noticed the fact that someone in this movie must clearly have a tree fetish because in just about every scene I’ve seen, they’ve been climbing trees, clinging to trees, hanging out in trees, just generally being tree-ish! Now I like trees… Infact, I’d go as far as saying I love them, I really do. But I don’t have a creepy fetish for them. These people obviously do. Maybe we should get them some serious help?

OR MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST SQUEAL IN DELIGHT BECAUSE THE TREE FETISH THING WAS THE MOST SUPER COOL IDEA EVER! (Yes, I’m being serious.) I love the idea that they’re hanging out in trees, I honestly wish we had trees around here that I could do the same in. And those sweeping shots around the two hanging out high up in the branches are epic. Absolutely epic. (But more about the actual tree-hanging-out-in later.)


Please may I have one of those trees planted in my backyard? I will break the Australian water restrictions to keep it! I absolutely and most certainly must have a Forks tree!

But the trees weren’t the only things I liked in the trailer…

When Edward gets all tough and manly and vampirey on us, breaking trees and running fast… I… Wait… wasn’t he supposed to be sparkling when he was breaking that tree? Man I love that they must be keeping his sparkles a secret until the movies – that is the one thing I’m looking forward to more than any other. I’ll probably faint when I see it.

“What if I’m not the hero, what if I’m the bad guy?” Excuse me, whilst I swoon.


This voiceover occurs during my absolute best and favourite scene thus far in ANY trailer/still/sneaky footage/other:
What a smug bastard. Look at him, he can’t wipe that smile off his face. All the while, everyone else is parting like the Red Sea for Moses. Well I would be too if I was 108-odd years old and had just snagged me a 17 year old girlfriend. How’s that for skill. Lol.
Oh man, I couldn’t resist that one – even though my freakish obsession scares most people away. I am a very very loyal little Twilighter – I just have a really wicked (but not necessarily good) sense of humour.


But I digress – as I still have much to talk about.

The Meadow. At least, I assume that’s the Meadow. And once again, I assume Edward isn’t sparkling because that’s a surprise. Best. Surprise. Ever. I can’t help it, but my expecations just keep getting higher. He better sparkle brighter than I glow neon on the first day of summer. How much longer must you keep this from me? Oh yeah… December 11.

And now, I have to nitpick a little again…

“Say it outloud, say it.” Since when did Edward become so domineering? Yes, once again I’m nitpicking – but as I said, I gotta do it and it’s only this one little time. I promise to be the BEST little Twilighter for the rest of the movies! It creeped me out. Please Edward, can’t we just go back to your house and get our cuddle on? (And by ‘we’ I mean me and you, no Bella please. :P)

Yeah the kiss was hot and I fell out of my chair and whatever. We all know how we all reacted. We don’t need to go into detail. Although I’d like to stop here and question the PG rating – man they looked like they were about to get their naked on! (I would not object to naked Edward.)

I loved the scene where James and co are ripping apart the security guard, it was awesome. I almost kinda wish James wasn’t ripped apart at the end by Eddie now – movie James is way cooler than book James.

I am super psyched for that scene where Alice and Emmett and Jasper go all kung-fu on James’ ass. That’s also going to be superb. I know it’s only a one second clip, but I just kept rewinding back and watching it over and over.

I’ve not seen anything cooler than that, yet.
I dare you to find me something cooler.

Now, obviously I know there was much trailer to discuss and I only picked out bits and pieces. But seriously, if I went through every tiny little second of that trailer with you, I’d have a novel. And I would publish it and sell it at work for $22.95.

Overall, I loved it. I am so utterly impressed with how closely they’ve tried to stick to the storyline. I am so often disappointed when books are turned into movies and I really REALLY like where Twilight the movie is headed – my nitpicking is just because I have OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder for those out of the loop) and I nitpick when I’m procrastinating. Yes, I have to write a 2000 word history essay on Margaret Thatcher.

I am really really super absolutely excited. I have mega jitters.

So now that my little rant is over, what were your favourite bits? Did you find yourselves nitpicking too? And what do you think of them hiding the sparkles from us?

p.s. Those stills are from various sources, I obviously don’t own them! – HGE, Twilight Australia, the Twilight German Site, etc. Most can be found via the URLs on my sidebar. —->

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I’m back! Sort of… My interwebs are still playing up. But we’ll see how it goes, if I disappear, I haven’t really abandoned you… Not that there’s really any “you” out there, except my one lovely reader Katie.

Many many updates! So many updates to keep me crazy obsessive!

Like firstly, I have to go buy a copy of Dolly magazine. Any other 19 year old girl would get seriously freako-maximus glances thrown in her direction if she did this, as it’s clearly far too young for us. Lucky I easily pass as a tiny baby 15-16 year old no worries and can casually stroll in and drool all over the pretty Twilight post I will find inside. (I will also post photos when I get it.)

Secondly. We all remember that god awful image from the front cover of that magazine in the United States of Crappy Photography (and no, Robert, I was not afraid of your chest pubes, I’m sorry to disappoint, I was more afraid of what they did with your hair and your lips, creepy stuff man). For those who need a reminder, it was this cover:
See, the point of this ‘secondly’ is that they have just released another image from that shoot. A particularly good image, that really should’ve been used on the cover originally:
It would’ve saved alot of time and hate and fear of Robert’s chest pubes.
(Ta to Everglow for the photo!)

Thirdly, the video clip Stephenie Meyer directed for Jack’s Mannequin has been released. I watched it on YouTube, and so can YouToo…be? (man I’m so awkwardly punny!)
I’m not a big Jack’s Mannequin fan, I’ll be the first to admit that. I like Dark Blue, it grows on you. But other than that, the boys just haven’t impressed me. And yes I have seen them live, when they supported Fall Out Boy. I was most disappointed that Gyroscope had to play first, when they were clearly superior to Jack’s Mannequin by like a million fold. (My god do I love Gyroscope, and also, secretly, Fall Out Boy)
But my point, what was my point? Oh yes, I watched it. See, I wasn’t sure about SM’s directing skills. I mean, writing is different to directing. But I was impressed, it was awesome. The song was so-so, as I said, I’m not really a fan… But I loved the waves and the running away and I was very much impressed. That lady is multi-talented. Maybe she could also note-take for me in law lectures so that I can blog? 😛 Oh wait… That’s multi-tasking… But she does that too! Hmmm… Wonder if she’s magic?

Fourthly: When I’ve completed my Criminal Law assignment, I’m going to start work on my next little “analytical” (to use the term loosely) piece. It’ll be up soon.

Sweet dreams.

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