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About bloody time I organised myself an outlet for my Twi-obsession.

Welcome to my second blog! (My first is Georgia On A Fast Train)

To begin, I’ll link to back to all my Twi-related posts at my other blog. They were not welcomed well by my friends who are anti-Twi. 😛 They often tell me I need to shushy.

So here we go!

Firstly, my review of Breaking Dawn: Yeah, I Broke Dawn

What happened to Edward? Second paragraph: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

Sex and Twilight: When A Mummy and a Daddy Love Eachother Very Much… They call the Stork!

Midnight Sun Leak: Where’s Alice when you need her?

Excuse me Russel Brand?: LIKE a Virgin, Jonas Brothers! Not actually a virgin! Pretending!

VMAs Fashion Report: I like to wear pretty dresses too!

Happy Birthday Bella: I Almost Forgot!

That’s all for now! Twi-updates later!


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