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Celebuzz went around the VMAs and asked celebrities what their favourite swear words were.

You can see it HERE!

Both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner appear, and *drumroll*, Rob’s fave swearword is Tyke.



Now, I don’t know that much about British culture, but I know that their version of English is pretty almost the exact same as ours here in Australia.

And in Australia, tyke is used to refer to a small child or toddler, usually in reference to their spunk, character or spirit. Such as: “He’s a feisty little tyke, ain’t he?”

So Rob, my dear, unless you meant ‘dyke’, I must, infact, lol at you. p.s. Did you know, Rob, that you look just like someone in my Politics tutorial? Yup.

Also, next time you’re asked, respond with a swearword from another language. It confuses people and makes you appear super cutting edge. It’s what I’d do.


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