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Katie, of KatieInCanada, and I, in support of Midnight Sun and in an attempt to make the movie organised by His Golden Eyes, we looked up Cullen St in the street directory.

Sure enough, there it was, not too far from my house! Of course, it just so happened that we live in the crappy small isolated city of Perth, Western Australia and the buses had stopped running at 5:30. So we walked. All the way to Cullen St. It took us 45 mins. (We had a third friend with us, he took the photos.)

This is the outcome of our trek across Perth:

We captioned it with something like: “The Aussie vampires can only come out at night to show some Cullen lovin’.” Because you know, it’s so sunny here and we’d sparkle in the daylight! 😛

We made the video, at about 8:01, and you can watch it HERE!


If you’d also like to support the Save Midnight Sun and Support Stephenie Meyer projects, why not hit up Save Midnight Sun and sign the petition?



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