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That’s right people.

When Michael Welch lost socks, we sent him socks.

When Kellan Lutz said he loved lollies, we sent him lollies.

When Jackson Rathbone mentioned that he goes through guitar picks faster than we all read Breaking Dawn, we sent him guitar picks.

The time as come to show a little love towards the villains!

That’s right! Join me in my quest and show your support for:
(Yes I used paint, poor uni student cannot afford to do better and also… Poor uni student likes poorly photoshopped things. She finds them more entertaining and home made – like kindergarten art projects.)

It appears Cam loves lamborghinis. He says so. You can see the proof in writing at Twilight Tuesday: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1596435/story.jhtml (It appears my Script thingo isn’t working, so I can’t do a proper link right now.)

I cannot ignore Cam’s cry for lamborghinis. Just as others could not ignore the other star’s cries for various things. We must buy him lamborghinis.

Please go to your nearest dealer and purchase a lamborghini in the colour of your choice and have it shipped to the following address:

Cam Gigandet
The Lamborghini Project
Luber Rocklin Entertainment
8530 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 550
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Alternatively, you can do what I’m going to do: send Cam some minature toy lamborghinis. Then, when doll James comes out, he can play pretend like Pete Wentz does with his Fall Out Boy dolls and Barbie.

I can’t do this alone! The Australian dollar is only getting 77 cents to the US dollar. So I can’t even afford to order my pretty little copy of the movie guide from Amazon! Thanks, Wall St. (In other news, last year I predicted a stock market crash to happen in 2008-2009, no one believed me. Just because I don’t know anything about economics… Geez.)

Please show your support! Send cars – minature or human size or even a photo of a lamborghini, straight away! COME ON!

Cam won’t be expecting this! The others asked for reasonable things. Things they knew they’d get. Not Cam, Cam knew to ask for the unexpected. Cam isn’t expecthing anything. Well he is so wrong.

I’m serious, I want his fan mail office absolutely flooded with tiny little minature lamborghinis. Go. Now. Please. Thank you!


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