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Celebuzz has an article about the removal of Robert Pattinson’s shirtless scenes in the movie.

May we reflect for a minute, sadly, that there is no shirtlessness in this movie. (Of course, I guess it’s probably better that they save that stuff for New Moon anyways. :P)

But that’s not what caught my attention in this article.

That story about the little seven year old really caught my eye. That’s freaking creepy, and I consider myself to be incredibly unconservative. Spunk was completely correct in his reaction, especially considering the sexual symbolism that has been attached to vampirism for so long, in particular that of the neck-biting.

Creepy little seven year olds clearly not being educated by their parents. Excuse me parents, PLEASE don’t leave your children blind and naive, it is very important that they are not overly sheltered. The teenagers with the drinking problems, drug problems and/or unwanted pregnancy problems in the newspapers are always from sheltered childhoods. (I’m not generalising, the newspapers are. So get over it.)

Having said that, there’s educating and then there’s corrupting them… What the hell is a seven year old doing reading Twilight in the first place? It’s full of sexual tension and mutant babies eating their way out of uterus’ and all night long vampire sex that resulted in completely destroyed houses!

Ok, I sound like I’m contradicting myself, but what I mean by all this is educate your children, but be age-appropriate at the same time. (Of course, that’s a fine line and hey, I’m not a mother!) And if you’re going to give your small offspring Twilight, explain it to them, cos otherwise they’re gonna go out and do creepy things like the little seven year old in the article.

Man, kids today are so different, and I haven’t even been alive two decades yet!

p.s. I apologise if my rant seems like a contradictory mess, as you can see I’ve tried to make some sense of it, but it’s late and I’ll probably edit this tomorow so it flows better. Also, exams make my mind melt.

sweet dreams, my little vampire wannabes.


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