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I have some absolutely hilarious Twi-news for you all today!

1. Robert Pattinson “dead”. Seems like celebrity death hoaxes are all the rage at the moment. Pick someone who isn’t going to appear a mere few hours later live on television, idiots. That way you might actually fool someone.

2. Fifty Things You Didn’t Know About Twilight. By Cleo Magazine. More like ‘Fifty Fun Facts about Robert Pattinson’. Oh and they also attack Kristen Stewart for not having read the book before she was offered the audition. Well whopdeedoo Basil, nor did most of the rest of the cast!

3. Dimlight! Quite possibly the best parody I’ve seen yet. Well, after the SmokeyFizz one about cookies. But Dimlight is still epic! WATCH IT! I lolled big time.

4. I’m not going to link to them, because you can find them everywhere (and because I find them a bit scary and wish to avoid them myself), but more lols thanks to the hundreds of girls who announced that they would marry Robert Pattinson/who proposed to Robert Pattinson/who said Robert Pattinson was the reason for their existence on camera. You make me lol. Not only is it kind’ve illegal for him to marry you – considering 90% of you are underage – but celebrities don’t date the creepy fans. Also, the media like making fun of you.

5. Six Excuses for Grown Ups to justify seeing Twilight. Excuse me whilst I lol. LOL! Ok, now that that’s done, let me lol again. LOL!
Yes, because all the cinema staff are judging you. Just like the bookstore staff did. So suck it up and go see the movie if you want. No one cares that much.

And that’s a wrap for the most hilarious Twi-news of the week.

Let me know if you find anything else that twi-larious!

Over & Out!


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