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I’m back! Sort of… My interwebs are still playing up. But we’ll see how it goes, if I disappear, I haven’t really abandoned you… Not that there’s really any “you” out there, except my one lovely reader Katie.

Many many updates! So many updates to keep me crazy obsessive!

Like firstly, I have to go buy a copy of Dolly magazine. Any other 19 year old girl would get seriously freako-maximus glances thrown in her direction if she did this, as it’s clearly far too young for us. Lucky I easily pass as a tiny baby 15-16 year old no worries and can casually stroll in and drool all over the pretty Twilight post I will find inside. (I will also post photos when I get it.)

Secondly. We all remember that god awful image from the front cover of that magazine in the United States of Crappy Photography (and no, Robert, I was not afraid of your chest pubes, I’m sorry to disappoint, I was more afraid of what they did with your hair and your lips, creepy stuff man). For those who need a reminder, it was this cover:
See, the point of this ‘secondly’ is that they have just released another image from that shoot. A particularly good image, that really should’ve been used on the cover originally:
It would’ve saved alot of time and hate and fear of Robert’s chest pubes.
(Ta to Everglow for the photo!)

Thirdly, the video clip Stephenie Meyer directed for Jack’s Mannequin has been released. I watched it on YouTube, and so can YouToo…be? (man I’m so awkwardly punny!)
I’m not a big Jack’s Mannequin fan, I’ll be the first to admit that. I like Dark Blue, it grows on you. But other than that, the boys just haven’t impressed me. And yes I have seen them live, when they supported Fall Out Boy. I was most disappointed that Gyroscope had to play first, when they were clearly superior to Jack’s Mannequin by like a million fold. (My god do I love Gyroscope, and also, secretly, Fall Out Boy)
But my point, what was my point? Oh yes, I watched it. See, I wasn’t sure about SM’s directing skills. I mean, writing is different to directing. But I was impressed, it was awesome. The song was so-so, as I said, I’m not really a fan… But I loved the waves and the running away and I was very much impressed. That lady is multi-talented. Maybe she could also note-take for me in law lectures so that I can blog? 😛 Oh wait… That’s multi-tasking… But she does that too! Hmmm… Wonder if she’s magic?

Fourthly: When I’ve completed my Criminal Law assignment, I’m going to start work on my next little “analytical” (to use the term loosely) piece. It’ll be up soon.

Sweet dreams.


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