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Did anyone else see Ms Meyer on Ellen? It took me forever to work out which one I had to record because we get them a day later or whatever. (But we’re a day ahead? I don’t know, it makes little to no sense to me!) But I watched it.

Ok, I love Ellen, she’s pretty hilarious. But geez man, I already KNOW all that information about SM! Every fan does! I wanted more, more man! I was highly disappointed. And we didn’t even get a movie clip, just a mention: “So one is turning into a movie, right?” Yeah, we know that too. Show us a clip!

Stephenie surely MUST be bored with the same repetititve questions, she should demand more creativity from her interviewers!

Of course, I was super glad Ellen had her on the show anyways, and super jealous that the audience all got nice glossy hardback versions of the saga. My copies are all paperbacks, because the hardbacks aren’t available in Australia – not even Breaking Dawn. (When I opened the Breaking Dawn boxes at work, I found paperbacks. Sad face. PS Yes I work in a bookstore.)

I also loved Ellen’s superb vampire jokes. They were so cheesy and classy and I wish I could remember all of them. I might have to re-watch the show, write them down and share them with you guys here. I love bad jokes like a vampire loves blood. Yeah man.

Anyways, Ellen, please have SM back on the show, so you can ask her more probing questions and discuss the books in detail and maybe show some new exclusive movie clips. I can’t get enough of those movie clips. I swear I’ve seen the whole movie minus the meadow scene now.

Also, SM, you were super cool on the show. Just FYI. Even though you’re probably bored of those questions, I know.

p.s. For those who missed it, His Golden Eyes, aka my favourite Twi-site and my homepage, have a low-quality clip you can watch. As I said, it’s stuff you probably already know. But why not watch it anyways?


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