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Ok, because I don’t really feel the need to update on all the various happenings in Twi-news, because there are other sites which are far better at it, I will pick out my best and faves and post them here as I find them.

First of all, Robert Pattinson will appear on Ellen Degeneres on 21st Nov in America. (isn’t that the date of the movie premiere there?) For all of us Australians stuck here, Ellen airs on Arena (Foxtel) every morning, and we get the show the day after. Because the 21st Nov is a Friday, we will get on Monday the 24th. If my calculations are correct, it will air at 11am EST, which is 9am in WA. Don’t forget to record it!

Secondly, I love Variety’s interview with Robert Pattinson.
It’s 15 mins long, which is lengthy, but it’s totally worth it. Honestly, you can’t not love the boy more after watching it. You will have to turn your speakers up, and I warn you: the interviewer is a bit annoying, but his answers are unscripted and indepth and you get answers to questions that are actually good. (I’m sick of hearing the same old questions with the same old answers over and over, so this was refreshing.)
I especially loved his discussion of the Twilight books. I’ve always felt he’s kind of avoided answering questions about his opinions of them and especially his love of New Moon, when Edward isn’t even present for a huge chunk of it. But this interview swept away all my little doubts about why he likes NM best.
Best of all, I love it when he says something along the lines of: “I don’t think it’s a particularly girly film – wait, is it girly? I haven’t seen it!”
If you don’t watch it, you suck. Blood.

The LA Times (blah American newspaper) has had their 30 day countdown to Twilight going for a while. The link there just takes you to all of them on one page. They have some fun facts, some fun captioning competitions (although the caption-Bella winners weren’t very funny…) and fan questions. I love fan questions.

Collider has some Spoiler-Filled Fun. I don’t know what Collider is, but the middle two videos (which are slow to load – and can only be loaded one at a time) are totally worth watching. The top one is the Comic Con interviews we’ve seen before and the last one is just the actors running up onto the stage at Comic Con. Of course, I have warned you: the middle two ARE jam packed with spoilers. I couldn’t resist. Totally worth it.

And finally, Collider (again) has a supermassive, never ending interview with Catherine Hardwicke. It’s difficult to read because her anwers are in bold and there’s alot of interruptions by ads and such, but it’s spoiler free and good for a Twi-fix. I love that she considered all the fan suggestions for cast members (even though I didn’t really like any of the fan suggestions I saw back in the pre-movie days), I thought that was really sweet. She cares about us. Also, the dvd extras she’s talking about are giving me serious Twi-cravings.

That’s Georgia’s Top Picks in the world of Twi-news for now! Check back later, when I promise there will be some funtime rambles and rants about my two favourite Breaking Dawn vampires: Vladimir and Stefan!

p.s. I couldn’t sleep on Sat night, despite behind exhausted. And knowing I couldn’t actually absorb any new information from the book I’m currently reading (A Fraction of the Whole – Steve Toltz, it’s amazing, read it. Main characters name is Jasper.), I picked up Twilight and flicked through to Chapter 13 – only to find somehow the pages of my book were scattered with glitter! Coincidence? I think not!


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Did anyone else see Ms Meyer on Ellen? It took me forever to work out which one I had to record because we get them a day later or whatever. (But we’re a day ahead? I don’t know, it makes little to no sense to me!) But I watched it.

Ok, I love Ellen, she’s pretty hilarious. But geez man, I already KNOW all that information about SM! Every fan does! I wanted more, more man! I was highly disappointed. And we didn’t even get a movie clip, just a mention: “So one is turning into a movie, right?” Yeah, we know that too. Show us a clip!

Stephenie surely MUST be bored with the same repetititve questions, she should demand more creativity from her interviewers!

Of course, I was super glad Ellen had her on the show anyways, and super jealous that the audience all got nice glossy hardback versions of the saga. My copies are all paperbacks, because the hardbacks aren’t available in Australia – not even Breaking Dawn. (When I opened the Breaking Dawn boxes at work, I found paperbacks. Sad face. PS Yes I work in a bookstore.)

I also loved Ellen’s superb vampire jokes. They were so cheesy and classy and I wish I could remember all of them. I might have to re-watch the show, write them down and share them with you guys here. I love bad jokes like a vampire loves blood. Yeah man.

Anyways, Ellen, please have SM back on the show, so you can ask her more probing questions and discuss the books in detail and maybe show some new exclusive movie clips. I can’t get enough of those movie clips. I swear I’ve seen the whole movie minus the meadow scene now.

Also, SM, you were super cool on the show. Just FYI. Even though you’re probably bored of those questions, I know.

p.s. For those who missed it, His Golden Eyes, aka my favourite Twi-site and my homepage, have a low-quality clip you can watch. As I said, it’s stuff you probably already know. But why not watch it anyways?

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