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But who cares right?

Because everyone wants their very own Edward doll. Yes, I know you do, do not lie to me. I am fully aware that you will go and buy the doll the moment it comes out and take it home and play with it and go buy a Barbie doll or similar that looks like you and act out your own little fantasties.

I know I would. Well except maybe that last part.

See, for my 16th birthday (three years ago) my friends bought me a doll, his name is River and he has a leather jacket and a bass guitar. They told me he was my boyfriend. But I’d so dump River for plastic Edward any day of the week! 😛

They’re lucky us Twilighters are such a tragic (yes, it’s true, we are) bunch who just love love love Twi-things.

See, I’ve never had the desire for an action figure. Not even a Harry Potter one – because I prefered the Potter lego. Same goes for Star Wars, I love my lego Darth Vader to bits.
But now, now I have to have an action figure. And not just any action figure. I must have my own minature Edward. I will love him and care for him and feed him bloods whenever I can.

Robert Pattinson is excited too. Remember, he told us so a while back in this interview with About.Com. He says he wants a button on the back so it can do stuff.

But what does plastic Edward do? All action figures have skills and tricks. They might have capes that pop out or arms that punch. What does action figure Edward do?

I hope you can press a button and he sparkles. And maybe says something sexy like: “Do I dazzle you?” so that I might reply: “Frequently.”

So there’s a question for you all: What would you want your Edward action figure to do?

Thank you to Lady Manson at her LJ for the information and for being so sneaky and taking such a sneaky picture. Super sneak.


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