We finally have a release date for the Twilight Movie Companion in Australia! Well… sort of. Currently, it’s just got a “mid December” release, so we’re hoping they will arrive in store around the 15th of December.

Also, the Collectors Edition has been pushed back to the end of November.

In other news, I see there’s more TV Spots on YouTube. Wish they’d play them on TV here. Ah well.

That’s about all I have for now, I have an exam tomorow morning and I really have to finish these notes. I’ll have something more substantial for you all, post exams, I promise.

See you all soon!


Ok, my internets been down, hence the lack of updates. I’ll be doing some proper blogging tomorow.

In the meantime, let us play a game. I like to call this game:


Yeah, that’s right, thanks to a lovely lovely gossip magazine, I can now link myself to anyone and everyone involved in Twilight. The cast AND Stephenie Meyer.

This. Blows. My. Mind.

Ok, you can read the relevant story at NineMSN.

Now don’t tell me that this is just gossip! Shush! I know it might just be gossip! But can I PLEASE just pretend it’s real? Just for a moment?

Let’s continue:

I’m friends with some people who went to school with/were in a theatre production with the boy in the above article. (Infact, his school is literally two blocks from my house.)

Now, he’s allegedly dating Emma Watson, aka Hermione.

She starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Robert Pattinson.

What’s that? 4 Degrees? Man, that’s just insane in the membrane. I cannot believe how bloody close that is. It also makes me THAT much closer to working out my 6 degrees between me and Kevin Bacon. (Because apparently everyone is 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon, now I just have to find a link between Watson and Bacon! And that’s a big deal.)

Right, so I could go on from there, with the degrees game, to Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling and Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman and Emma Thompson and… that’s about it for celebrities from HP & Twilight that I actually would not mind running into… (and then of course, we could just keep going, listing off everyone who’s ever been in a movie or whatever with ANYONE from Harry Potter or Twilight and then it just gets complicated!)

So for now, all I care about, is that I am 4 degrees – FOUR! – from Robert Pattinson and JK Rowling and FIVE!!! from Stephenie Meyer.

And, thank you to Katie for working out how I was initially linked to the boy in the above article. (Because Jo and I spent AGES this morning looking for a common friend.)

Man I’m psyched!

Actual real and proper Twilight news tomorow! (When my internet officially kicks back in!)

love and vampire bites!

p.s. do you think if I held that boy hostage, I could pursuade Emma to pay ransom in the form of Robert? lol. this is what happens when you have had too much sugar and a brand new Twilight poster for your bedroom wall!

Georgia On A Fast Train: I hang out with famous people! (and have a secret twin)

The above link is directly to my latest post at my everyday, normal, generical blog.

Ok, so you might not be interested in my everyday, normal, generical life. (Although, I’ll have you know, it’s pretty thrilling. I just disguise it so I don’t get chased down the street by producers wanting to make a show of my life! :P)

But this is pretty thrilling! Because right, there’s a photo there, of ME and Robert Pattinson!

Yeah man, I see you turn green like the Hulk does. Ooh envy suits you! 😛

Hahahahahaha! No, it’s not me. But, if you check out the various other photos of me on my blog, it looks freakishly like me. Like, not a single person has looked at that photo and said: ‘so what?’ It’s clearly my secret twin.

Actually, I’m pretty sure my secret twin is a boy.

I know, it’s not PARTICULARLY Twilight – I mean Robert has a life outside Twilight. But it’s fun (and funny) nonetheless. And I will be reaping it for all it’s worth. Cos I’m really rather tragic.

I have some more fun and exciting Twi-things coming up! Keep hitting that refresh button!


Need another hit?

Loyal reader…s,

I have some exciting news!

I was a very slack bookseller the other day and went onto the major Australian book suppliers website to check out the release dates for all the exciting new Twilight books coming out! (That yes, I will be preordering. :P)

First of all, there will be two released on November 1st 2008:

Twilight Collectors Edition, AUS$50

Twilight Box Set, AUS$120

Then, on November 13th 2008:

Twilight Film Tie-In, $24.99

And finally, at the very end of the year, on December 30th:

Twilight Saga: Official Guide, AUS$29.99

Unfortunately, with that last one, suppliers tend to shut down over Christmas/New Years and I really don’t think that we’ll get the Official Guide until around the 5th of January – UNLESS they embargo it (ie: deliver it early, with information NOT to open the boxes until the specified date).

But don’t get your hopes up, loyal reader…s, they didn’t even embargo Breaking Dawn, that’s why it wasn’t available at most bookstores until midday. But maybe they’ve now realised just how popular our little books are, and we’ll get them on time!

Now for some sad news:

The Movie Companion isn’t listing on any Australian suppliers at all.
They’re going to have to be shipped in from the United States. The USA supplier at my bookstore is listing it, and it will cost (after postage and exchange rates) about AUS$45.
Ordering it from Amazon won’t be much better – it’s about AUS$44.85, including postage.

Stephenie Meyer’s Australian distributor didn’t make a huge fuss over Breaking Dawn, and I doubt they will over these upcoming releases, so don’t expect any official annoucements – besides this one of course!

I also recommend you guys all put in special orders, because I highly doubt the smaller bookstores around Australia will be ordering more than one or two copies of each of the above. They really don’t have high expectations. (And yes, this is reliable, not only do I work at a (small) bookstore, but I have friends at the three major book chains across Australia: Angus, Dymocks, Borders.)

Any information I hear at work, I will immediately inform you of.

Toodles for now, my readers!

Excuse me Twilighters everywhere. You, yes, you.

Hear the exciting news? Yeah, I heard it too. New Moon the movie! YAY!

If you want more details, check them out at Deadline Hollywood Daily and
Cinema Blend

Now, you might notice some of the comments people have made. Some very rude comments.

No, I’m not talking about the Twilight bashers who hate everything Twilight – I don’t care about those people, whatevs to them, they’re missing out.

The people who I have a bone to pick with are infact the Twilighters themselves. Team Edward girls, to be precise. (Just for the record, as I’ve previously mentioned, I am Team Edward.)

EXCUSE ME GIRLS! (and boys) What the hell? You call yourselves Twilight fans, yet you go bashing New Moon because omg, shock horror, Edward is missing for a fair chuck of the novel!

Furthermore, you go on and whinge about how you’re going to refuse to see the movie if they actually DARE focus on Bella and Jacob during that time Eddie is missing!

And THEN, to top it all off, you, yes you Team Edward-ers, who claim you know absolutely everything about Edward, say you will ONLY see the movie if they “flick across” to the “adventures” Edward and the Cullens were having “in Italy”, away from Bella.

Well it’s time for a reality check!

Have you read New Moon? I assume you have, if you are as in love with Edward as you claim to be. Because I’d like to make some things very clear.

First of all, there are many reasons why Edward leaves that turn into crucial events in the story:

1. Edward leaves Bella because he thinks she’ll be safer, but what we realise is that she isn’t.

2. We suffer with Bella whilst Edward is away, it makes us long for him even more.

3. Jacob is crucial to the storyline – in terms of the werewolves (Sam! Seth! Leah!), in terms of Renesmee. (Remember, the original sequel to Twilight was Forever Dawn, in which Jacob imprinted, despite having only been a minor character in the first book.)

4. Laurent and Victoria reappear (although Victoria is more illusive), which we also realise is crucial to the storyline.

5. Bella jumps off a cliff.

6. The Volturi would be difficult to introduce otherwise.

7. And finally, and most importantly, both Bella and the reader realise exactly WHAT is being sacrificed by Bella choosing to be with Edward, hopefully one day as a vampire.

Also, we must look at exactly what Edward was doing during the time he and Bella were apart. If you were a true Edward fan, you’d know what he was up to:

1. He tried tracking Victoria, and failed.

2. He then went and sat, in a corner (of sorts), still as a statue, and wallowed and moped. Because he missed his Bella, and he later told her that he was on the verge of coming back for her, before he found out she’d “died”.

3. He arrived, in Italy, only a few days before Bella. And he went to Italy to convince the Volturi to kill himself.

So, let me conclude thus far: Bella, in Forks, discovers werewolves and jumps off a cliff. Edward, in a corner somewhere, wallows and mopes and sits as still as a statue. He is not having “adventures in Italy”.

What’s going to make a more exciting movie? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Of course, I love looking at very pretty Robert Pattinson as much as the next girl. I’ve confessed that many a time. But really, he’d be sitting so still that it would be easier and cheaper to just download a picture of him and stare at it for about an hour. (Which is about the time I assume they’ll dedicate to Jacob time in the movie.)

And it’s just not THRILLING! Werewolves and cliff diving is far more thrilling.
Also, we must remember, the events in Italy take up a large chunk of the novel, and will no doubt end up being the focus of the movie, regardless. You’ll still get your Edward fill – not only in New Moon, but when Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are movie-fied also.

Also, just one more thing, I might be a very, very loyal Team Edward fan, but I want the story Stephenie Meyer wrote – I am loyal to her first and foremost – I do not want to watch Robert Pattinson sit in a corner JUST because he’s pretty. (I do that every day, he’s my laptop wallpaper!)
Remember – most of you hated him only a few short months ago. (I’m pretty sure I was the only girl on the planet who was pleased with his casting, initially.)

So if you’re really the Twilight fan you claim to be, you’d all stop bashing New Moon and Jacob – because you KNOW Bella picks Edward anyways, and because New Moon should be movie-fied as loyally to the book as is possible!

And you should all be thrilled that they’re turning the other books into movies – when initially, they were going to leave it at Twilight. I am really, honestly, absolutely psyched for both Twilight and New Moon, movie-fied!

My work here is done.

p.s. You may notice, under various New Moon movie-related articles, there are comments that read similarly to this one. That’s me. Infact, if you click on my name you SHOULD be redirected here or to my email. I don’t normally get stirred up over things like this, but man you guys really got my knickers in a knot!

I’ve watched the trailers a hundred times each, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every tiny little piece of sneaky fan footage and all the various interviews floating around. And I’ve studied every single ‘official picture’ and ‘sneaky fan picture’ in detail.

And now we have trailer NUMBER THREE! Yay!

I attached the countdown to my facebook, and I raced home from work to watch those final eight minutes, only to have my little heart broken when they played the second trailer. Of course, the countdown was only until the morning of (in America), not the actual release time.
But it was there for me, ready when I woke up, and I watched it over and over until I had to leave for work. (Yes, I’ve been working way too many shifts and neglecting university – but it’s been fun.)

So now, I give to you: all my many reactions to this final little installment of funtimes before we actually get to go to the cinemas! (Which is December 11 here down under.)

My first reaction was irritation, I’d seen Tyler’s car swerve and roll out of control towards Bella, 100 times before. I’d seen Edward jump in and do his intense little glary thing. Excuse me people, I wanted more!
…And then Eddie got up and jumped over the truck and away from the car wreck scene. I’d seen this through video footage from some sneaky fans previously, but it was much nicer to see it in high quality.

I was also disappointed by the repeat of the “You’re impossibly fast, and strong.” spiel by Bella, I’d already seen than a hundred times. Yes, we know you’re afraid, come on, show me something new!

But let me get onto some of my best and favourite and most-able-to-nitpick-over scenes from the new trailer!

(Please note that this is an official still and not from the trailer.)

This was our first glimpse of such a crucial scene! Something new! Something exciting! Something… wait, that’s not a booth and they sure aren’t sitting in an Italian restaurant…

Yes, I like to nitpick. It’s what I do. I nitpicked my whole way through Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone movie – despite the fact that I was only a tweenie at the time. However, I have not since nitpicked ONCE about another Harry Potter movie – except in extreme circumstances. And I promise you, whilst I’ll nitpick about Twilight, I won’t do the same for the next three movies UNLESS they start trying to cut out/merge the werewolves because there’s “just too many”. (Ok, maybe they can cut out Collin and Brady – but no one else! I draw the line there!)

Where’s the privacy when you’re sitting in the middle of a restaurant, man? Ok, so nobody puts Baby in the corner, but goddamnit, you should’ve put Bella and Edward there!

Having said that, the actual dialogue spinnets we hear are fabulous! I am mucho excitedo!

Then, whilst we listen to Bella ramble off her theories about Edward, we see him climbing a tree. Why is Edward climbing a tree? Excuse me, am I the ONLY one who has noticed the fact that someone in this movie must clearly have a tree fetish because in just about every scene I’ve seen, they’ve been climbing trees, clinging to trees, hanging out in trees, just generally being tree-ish! Now I like trees… Infact, I’d go as far as saying I love them, I really do. But I don’t have a creepy fetish for them. These people obviously do. Maybe we should get them some serious help?

OR MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST SQUEAL IN DELIGHT BECAUSE THE TREE FETISH THING WAS THE MOST SUPER COOL IDEA EVER! (Yes, I’m being serious.) I love the idea that they’re hanging out in trees, I honestly wish we had trees around here that I could do the same in. And those sweeping shots around the two hanging out high up in the branches are epic. Absolutely epic. (But more about the actual tree-hanging-out-in later.)


Please may I have one of those trees planted in my backyard? I will break the Australian water restrictions to keep it! I absolutely and most certainly must have a Forks tree!

But the trees weren’t the only things I liked in the trailer…

When Edward gets all tough and manly and vampirey on us, breaking trees and running fast… I… Wait… wasn’t he supposed to be sparkling when he was breaking that tree? Man I love that they must be keeping his sparkles a secret until the movies – that is the one thing I’m looking forward to more than any other. I’ll probably faint when I see it.

“What if I’m not the hero, what if I’m the bad guy?” Excuse me, whilst I swoon.


This voiceover occurs during my absolute best and favourite scene thus far in ANY trailer/still/sneaky footage/other:
What a smug bastard. Look at him, he can’t wipe that smile off his face. All the while, everyone else is parting like the Red Sea for Moses. Well I would be too if I was 108-odd years old and had just snagged me a 17 year old girlfriend. How’s that for skill. Lol.
Oh man, I couldn’t resist that one – even though my freakish obsession scares most people away. I am a very very loyal little Twilighter – I just have a really wicked (but not necessarily good) sense of humour.


But I digress – as I still have much to talk about.

The Meadow. At least, I assume that’s the Meadow. And once again, I assume Edward isn’t sparkling because that’s a surprise. Best. Surprise. Ever. I can’t help it, but my expecations just keep getting higher. He better sparkle brighter than I glow neon on the first day of summer. How much longer must you keep this from me? Oh yeah… December 11.

And now, I have to nitpick a little again…

“Say it outloud, say it.” Since when did Edward become so domineering? Yes, once again I’m nitpicking – but as I said, I gotta do it and it’s only this one little time. I promise to be the BEST little Twilighter for the rest of the movies! It creeped me out. Please Edward, can’t we just go back to your house and get our cuddle on? (And by ‘we’ I mean me and you, no Bella please. :P)

Yeah the kiss was hot and I fell out of my chair and whatever. We all know how we all reacted. We don’t need to go into detail. Although I’d like to stop here and question the PG rating – man they looked like they were about to get their naked on! (I would not object to naked Edward.)

I loved the scene where James and co are ripping apart the security guard, it was awesome. I almost kinda wish James wasn’t ripped apart at the end by Eddie now – movie James is way cooler than book James.

I am super psyched for that scene where Alice and Emmett and Jasper go all kung-fu on James’ ass. That’s also going to be superb. I know it’s only a one second clip, but I just kept rewinding back and watching it over and over.

I’ve not seen anything cooler than that, yet.
I dare you to find me something cooler.

Now, obviously I know there was much trailer to discuss and I only picked out bits and pieces. But seriously, if I went through every tiny little second of that trailer with you, I’d have a novel. And I would publish it and sell it at work for $22.95.

Overall, I loved it. I am so utterly impressed with how closely they’ve tried to stick to the storyline. I am so often disappointed when books are turned into movies and I really REALLY like where Twilight the movie is headed – my nitpicking is just because I have OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder for those out of the loop) and I nitpick when I’m procrastinating. Yes, I have to write a 2000 word history essay on Margaret Thatcher.

I am really really super absolutely excited. I have mega jitters.

So now that my little rant is over, what were your favourite bits? Did you find yourselves nitpicking too? And what do you think of them hiding the sparkles from us?

p.s. Those stills are from various sources, I obviously don’t own them! – HGE, Twilight Australia, the Twilight German Site, etc. Most can be found via the URLs on my sidebar. —->

That’s right people.

When Michael Welch lost socks, we sent him socks.

When Kellan Lutz said he loved lollies, we sent him lollies.

When Jackson Rathbone mentioned that he goes through guitar picks faster than we all read Breaking Dawn, we sent him guitar picks.

The time as come to show a little love towards the villains!

That’s right! Join me in my quest and show your support for:
(Yes I used paint, poor uni student cannot afford to do better and also… Poor uni student likes poorly photoshopped things. She finds them more entertaining and home made – like kindergarten art projects.)

It appears Cam loves lamborghinis. He says so. You can see the proof in writing at Twilight Tuesday: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1596435/story.jhtml (It appears my Script thingo isn’t working, so I can’t do a proper link right now.)

I cannot ignore Cam’s cry for lamborghinis. Just as others could not ignore the other star’s cries for various things. We must buy him lamborghinis.

Please go to your nearest dealer and purchase a lamborghini in the colour of your choice and have it shipped to the following address:

Cam Gigandet
The Lamborghini Project
Luber Rocklin Entertainment
8530 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 550
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Alternatively, you can do what I’m going to do: send Cam some minature toy lamborghinis. Then, when doll James comes out, he can play pretend like Pete Wentz does with his Fall Out Boy dolls and Barbie.

I can’t do this alone! The Australian dollar is only getting 77 cents to the US dollar. So I can’t even afford to order my pretty little copy of the movie guide from Amazon! Thanks, Wall St. (In other news, last year I predicted a stock market crash to happen in 2008-2009, no one believed me. Just because I don’t know anything about economics… Geez.)

Please show your support! Send cars – minature or human size or even a photo of a lamborghini, straight away! COME ON!

Cam won’t be expecting this! The others asked for reasonable things. Things they knew they’d get. Not Cam, Cam knew to ask for the unexpected. Cam isn’t expecthing anything. Well he is so wrong.

I’m serious, I want his fan mail office absolutely flooded with tiny little minature lamborghinis. Go. Now. Please. Thank you!