Ok, once again my interwebs went up shit creek and I only got it back last night, I have been sparce.

However, I am back and hopefully I’m getting my download limit upgraded.

I’m not going to post any real Twi-news because the movie arrives here in Australia IN SIX DAYS and I’m really, really excited and I’m going to hold of to review that.

However, I’ll quickly let you know that it looks like the Movie Companion’s release date has been pushed back again to April 2009, we’re awaiting further information from the publishers.

Also, I’m off to London on Dec 28th and will not be posting for the whole of January. I will, however, be seeking a lock of Spunk’s hair to sell on eBay. (I reckon I could pay off half my trip with a lock of his hair, easy.)

So tonight I will focus on my two favourite non-Cullen vampires: Vladimir & Stefan.

They’re old, their skin is flakey and they want to destroy the Volturi and take over the vampire world in a real, full blown revolution. They are MADE of pure awesome. No one, absolutely no one, has captured my heart the way these evil little mini Dracula’s have.

Whenever I think of them, I think of Nosferatu with a skin disease (hence the flakey skin).


Except, more midgety and balding (but not entirely bald) and with little hats, maybe.

I also imagine them dressed like Snape does, with the high-necked black shirt thing that he wears in the Harry Potter movies. N’aww, they’re like mini-Snapes.

I hope, that if Breaking Dawn becomes a movie, Vlad & Stefan should be played by the midget guy who played Mini Me in Austin Powers. That’d be cool. If he’s not available/too expensive, then I am more than willing to dress up as a flakey man vampire, I’d be the best mini-Dracula ever.

We don’t learn alot about Stefan and Vlad, but I think we could make a few assumptions based on the information that we do have.

For instance, I’m pretty convinced that these two are lovers, obsessed with power (well that bit is obvious) and honestly believe that they could rule the vampire world better than the Volturi. I like to think of Vlad and Stefan as the Lenin and Trotsky of the vampire world… And now I’m imagining them with Lenin and Trotsky facial hair. Awesome.

See? These guys just keep getting that much more awesome. They also deserve their own spin off series. That would = awesome on the highest level of awesome.

Ok, I could continue on and on forever about their ability to awesome, but my back is killing me and I have work very early tomorow morning.

I’ll see you all next week to review Twilight the movie! YAY!



ok, my interwebs is messing around with my sanity again.

i don’t ENJOY sitting here for 30+ mins at a time, waiting for a page to load. i have a life, and so i went to get in and out as fast as possible.

you can check out my other blog for details, but for now, sorry, no updates.

they promised me i’d be back to normal speed over a week ago.

i’m seriously considering a provider change.



I have some absolutely hilarious Twi-news for you all today!

1. Robert Pattinson “dead”. Seems like celebrity death hoaxes are all the rage at the moment. Pick someone who isn’t going to appear a mere few hours later live on television, idiots. That way you might actually fool someone.

2. Fifty Things You Didn’t Know About Twilight. By Cleo Magazine. More like ‘Fifty Fun Facts about Robert Pattinson’. Oh and they also attack Kristen Stewart for not having read the book before she was offered the audition. Well whopdeedoo Basil, nor did most of the rest of the cast!

3. Dimlight! Quite possibly the best parody I’ve seen yet. Well, after the SmokeyFizz one about cookies. But Dimlight is still epic! WATCH IT! I lolled big time.

4. I’m not going to link to them, because you can find them everywhere (and because I find them a bit scary and wish to avoid them myself), but more lols thanks to the hundreds of girls who announced that they would marry Robert Pattinson/who proposed to Robert Pattinson/who said Robert Pattinson was the reason for their existence on camera. You make me lol. Not only is it kind’ve illegal for him to marry you – considering 90% of you are underage – but celebrities don’t date the creepy fans. Also, the media like making fun of you.

5. Six Excuses for Grown Ups to justify seeing Twilight. Excuse me whilst I lol. LOL! Ok, now that that’s done, let me lol again. LOL!
Yes, because all the cinema staff are judging you. Just like the bookstore staff did. So suck it up and go see the movie if you want. No one cares that much.

And that’s a wrap for the most hilarious Twi-news of the week.

Let me know if you find anything else that twi-larious!

Over & Out!

MSN has an interesting little interview with Kristen Stewart. Go check it out. Seriously. It’s a real gem of an interview.

Now, I like to think of myself as one of the more rational fans, especially in terms of bombarding the actors. I can totally see how they might freak out. However, having said that, there’s a difference between being easily overwhelmed/surprised and telling a reporter that you think your fans are ‘retarded’.

I don’t really care what Kristen Stewart thinks of me, whatever. But considering how well she was embraced by fans when she was cast, I have to admit she really crossed the line there. Even if MAYBE what she was saying was taking out of context, using the word ‘retarded’ in relation to Twi-fanatics whom have so openly embraced you is ONLY going to result in mobbings with pitchforks.

What did you expect? When someones favourite book is being turned into a movie, they get excited. It’s just how it is. No matter whether it’s a multi-million copy best seller like Harry Potter or Twilight, or it’s some little book like Hunting & Gathering (which is a fantastic read, just FYI). People celebrate.

I understand she didn’t realise the hype and I also understand that she may not be the kind of out going celebrity that people want her to be – fair enough. But Kristen Stewart, whilst I may not care what you say (although I was rather shocked), man you’ve really pissed off alot of people. Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds.

Man I’m curious to see what happens next… These so called ‘retarded’ fans are not to be underestimated.

Celebuzz has an article about the removal of Robert Pattinson’s shirtless scenes in the movie.

May we reflect for a minute, sadly, that there is no shirtlessness in this movie. (Of course, I guess it’s probably better that they save that stuff for New Moon anyways. :P)

But that’s not what caught my attention in this article.

That story about the little seven year old really caught my eye. That’s freaking creepy, and I consider myself to be incredibly unconservative. Spunk was completely correct in his reaction, especially considering the sexual symbolism that has been attached to vampirism for so long, in particular that of the neck-biting.

Creepy little seven year olds clearly not being educated by their parents. Excuse me parents, PLEASE don’t leave your children blind and naive, it is very important that they are not overly sheltered. The teenagers with the drinking problems, drug problems and/or unwanted pregnancy problems in the newspapers are always from sheltered childhoods. (I’m not generalising, the newspapers are. So get over it.)

Having said that, there’s educating and then there’s corrupting them… What the hell is a seven year old doing reading Twilight in the first place? It’s full of sexual tension and mutant babies eating their way out of uterus’ and all night long vampire sex that resulted in completely destroyed houses!

Ok, I sound like I’m contradicting myself, but what I mean by all this is educate your children, but be age-appropriate at the same time. (Of course, that’s a fine line and hey, I’m not a mother!) And if you’re going to give your small offspring Twilight, explain it to them, cos otherwise they’re gonna go out and do creepy things like the little seven year old in the article.

Man, kids today are so different, and I haven’t even been alive two decades yet!

p.s. I apologise if my rant seems like a contradictory mess, as you can see I’ve tried to make some sense of it, but it’s late and I’ll probably edit this tomorow so it flows better. Also, exams make my mind melt.

sweet dreams, my little vampire wannabes.

Ok, because I don’t really feel the need to update on all the various happenings in Twi-news, because there are other sites which are far better at it, I will pick out my best and faves and post them here as I find them.

First of all, Robert Pattinson will appear on Ellen Degeneres on 21st Nov in America. (isn’t that the date of the movie premiere there?) For all of us Australians stuck here, Ellen airs on Arena (Foxtel) every morning, and we get the show the day after. Because the 21st Nov is a Friday, we will get on Monday the 24th. If my calculations are correct, it will air at 11am EST, which is 9am in WA. Don’t forget to record it!

Secondly, I love Variety’s interview with Robert Pattinson.
It’s 15 mins long, which is lengthy, but it’s totally worth it. Honestly, you can’t not love the boy more after watching it. You will have to turn your speakers up, and I warn you: the interviewer is a bit annoying, but his answers are unscripted and indepth and you get answers to questions that are actually good. (I’m sick of hearing the same old questions with the same old answers over and over, so this was refreshing.)
I especially loved his discussion of the Twilight books. I’ve always felt he’s kind of avoided answering questions about his opinions of them and especially his love of New Moon, when Edward isn’t even present for a huge chunk of it. But this interview swept away all my little doubts about why he likes NM best.
Best of all, I love it when he says something along the lines of: “I don’t think it’s a particularly girly film – wait, is it girly? I haven’t seen it!”
If you don’t watch it, you suck. Blood.

The LA Times (blah American newspaper) has had their 30 day countdown to Twilight going for a while. The link there just takes you to all of them on one page. They have some fun facts, some fun captioning competitions (although the caption-Bella winners weren’t very funny…) and fan questions. I love fan questions.

Collider has some Spoiler-Filled Fun. I don’t know what Collider is, but the middle two videos (which are slow to load – and can only be loaded one at a time) are totally worth watching. The top one is the Comic Con interviews we’ve seen before and the last one is just the actors running up onto the stage at Comic Con. Of course, I have warned you: the middle two ARE jam packed with spoilers. I couldn’t resist. Totally worth it.

And finally, Collider (again) has a supermassive, never ending interview with Catherine Hardwicke. It’s difficult to read because her anwers are in bold and there’s alot of interruptions by ads and such, but it’s spoiler free and good for a Twi-fix. I love that she considered all the fan suggestions for cast members (even though I didn’t really like any of the fan suggestions I saw back in the pre-movie days), I thought that was really sweet. She cares about us. Also, the dvd extras she’s talking about are giving me serious Twi-cravings.

That’s Georgia’s Top Picks in the world of Twi-news for now! Check back later, when I promise there will be some funtime rambles and rants about my two favourite Breaking Dawn vampires: Vladimir and Stefan!

p.s. I couldn’t sleep on Sat night, despite behind exhausted. And knowing I couldn’t actually absorb any new information from the book I’m currently reading (A Fraction of the Whole – Steve Toltz, it’s amazing, read it. Main characters name is Jasper.), I picked up Twilight and flicked through to Chapter 13 – only to find somehow the pages of my book were scattered with glitter! Coincidence? I think not!

Haven’t done this in a while, but here it is:


Brilliance in a 100×100 pixel square.